I don't know what to do anymore


Please finish what you agreed to fix, I don't care if you have other customers, what about the ones that already waited 2.2 years and paid you? 

Maryland Performance Diesel, Craig, I am still off the road, my truck is still in the driveway, I need this truck for work, it has been over 2 years  now, I am not out to fight you, I merely just want my truck the way you agreed in writing in the email Dec 2011, you made it clear it would be ready March 2012 and still it isn't, I have lost too many contracts to work and a source of income for my family because you said at Maryland Performance Diesel that you will ensure it is ready and every week was next week, every  month was next month and I cant do this anymore, the most recent discussion you said you would waive the balance keeping $16K of my money and finishing the truck to work and I told you everywhere I went they want over $6K in parts to fix this plus labour, there are parts you broke on this truck, removed and didn't put back on and as I said I have a hole in the bottom 2 inch round that looks like oil from the tranny gone and you keep ignoring my emails, I need my truck running that is what you promised and why I gave you $16K towards to fix all these issues, please fix this, I am tired of chasing you guys


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